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Pastor Quinn’s new book “God’s Divine Purpose System: How God manifests divine purpose in your lifereleased July 24, 2020!

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In the midst of all the chaos in the earth, God is raising up men and women of God to fulfill his divine purpose in the earth before he returns. The question is, “Are you fulfilling the divine purpose that God has ordained for your life?” 

When we look at creation and all that is in the earth and the heavens, we see the hand of God. (Psalm 97:6)  The Bible says in the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. (Gen 1:1)  God in his great wisdom has created everything in the earth with a purpose and a system to maintain and sustain it. For example, God created your body with a digestive, muscular, nervous, reproductive and skeletal system.

All of these things were created with a purpose to sustain your life by our heavenly Father. Likewise as it relates to God’s divine purpose for our lives, God has a purpose system that he utilizes and manifests in our lives when he calls you for service in the Kingdom of God. I refer to it as God’s Divine Purpose System.

When I think about God’s Divine purpose system, I am reminded of the Global Positioning System known as GPS. What is GPS? It is a satellite-based radio navigation system that uses GPS receivers to calculate the exact position, speed, distance and time for navigation devices on mobile phones, in vehicles, ships, airplanes, and government weapon systems to accurately pinpoint locations, destinations, directions and the places we need to go.

Likewise God uses his divine purpose system to get us to the destination that he has predestined, purposed, planned, promised and prophesied for our lives, using divine heavenly coordinates which are precise, detailed and exact. God is the transmitter of purpose, and we are the receiver of purpose in the earth to do his will.

 In this book, Pastor Quinn shares from his life experiences, twenty one years of military service in radio communications, nine years in information systems, and many years of ministry, how God orders your steps, and uses everything that you have been through, to manifest his divine purpose in your life.


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