How we got started!

I have always loved reading and writing. English, spelling and writing was a favorite subject of mines throughout middle school, high school and college. It was always a goal of mine to write books many years ago, but I was hindered by two things:

Procrastination and no resources to publish with a traditional publishing company. So, I began to pray, read and research. I found that self-publishing is a viable option with many available resources, so I embarked on a journey to share all that the Lord put in my heart!

My ideal customer is the individual who has the desire or goal to write, tell their story and or self-publish a book. Through the process of trial and error and self-publishing 9 books, and assisting other authors, I have learned the art of writing and self-publishing using many resources. I can assist you in every area of the publishing process and provide resources and advice to help you!

The name ML Excellence is named after my late mother Mary Lillian Quinn. She was a beautiful, hardworking, excellent virtuous woman who taught me the value of reading, writing, music and doing all things in a spirit of excellence! My mother passed away at the age of 28, but her memory lives on through my writing and accomplishments of 21 years of excellent honorable military service, 14 years of ministerial service serving the community and 37 years of marriage. I look forward to speaking with you! You may have the next best seller!!