What does it cost to write a book?

Publishing a book involves a lot of writing, reading, editing and careful analysis of your manuscript. It is a careful patient task for an excellent completed product!

You can choose to go with a traditional publisher or self publish your own books. Traditional publishing will cost on average between $900 – $2000 depending on the company you publish with.

Self publishing or using a nontraditional publishing company can cost you between $500 – $700 for everything depending on the length of your manuscript. Of course, these prices can be less or more depending on your manuscript, and the work that is performed.

The real deal

Publishing a book is a very extensive process of careful reading, editing, formatting, spellchecking, grammar, sentence structure, writer to reader conversation structure, creation of a eye catching cover, and formatting for Amazon print, Kindle e-book, and to self print books for you to sell on your own. Let’s be real, this can be an expensive process that involves a lot of work!

So how much does it cost?

The standard price of editing of a manuscript costs about .03 cent – .15 cent a word, and is based on the length of your manuscript or the number of words. It also depends on the editing service or editor you use!

You will also need an ISBN for your book. It is a standard number that every published book must have, that identifies your work with your name. The standard cost is $125.00

You will also need a barcode for your book on the back cover, in which the standard cost is $25.00.

The standard total cost from the official ISBN agency online is $150 for both.

A nice book cover for an e-book and print book cover can run you between $50.00 – $500 or more, depending on the artist or illustrator you use, and the work that is performed! The low end cost is about $150 – $200 for both.

Our process is simple!

We will charge a competitive price that will beat traditional prices and enable you to publish your works in excellence, without a lot of red tape, stress and overpricing you! We will work with you from start to finish with a personal touch that will enable you to be comfortable with us as work together to complete your book or writing project!

-Our cost for editing – .02 cent – .05 cent per word depending on the size of the book or number of words. (See editor for details)

-ISBN – $100.00 and ISBN Barcode – $25.00 = $125.00

-Cover creation $50.00 and PDF print cover for Amazon and to print your own books $50.00 = $100.00. This includes assistance with Kindle and Printbook upload.

-We will order you a draft copy upon completion of your book to review.

-Start to finish personal support.

-Website placement for your book with a link to Amazon where it can be viewed and ordered.

-We will negotiate a price that is both reasonable and competitive to publish your works.

I hope this information has been beneficial to you! Now let’s get started! The world is waiting for that next best seller, and guess what? It could be you!

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