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Are you ready for the shift into a new season?

Good day all, we just transitioned into a new month of November and see so many changes. The time has changed. The weather has changed, the season has changed, the year is about to change, our presidency could possibly change, and guess what? The church and people of God must shift and change as well.

If there is anything we learned in 2020, it is that anything can happen! New seasons bring many challenges, changes and circumstances that we can’t control!

This is the season to get reconnected to the body. No man or woman is an island. Paul asked the question in Rom 8:35, “Who shall separate us from the love of Christ? shall tribulation, or distress, or persecution, or famine, or nakedness, or peril, or sword?”

This is a powerful scripture because there shouldn’t be anything in this world that separates us from the love of God or one another. This is the season for the church to walk in the virtues of unity and love.

The present conditions of our country and COVID have produced division, discouragement and deception, but nevertheless the only thing I know is certain; God’s kingdom agenda is moving forward.

When the Lord returns he is coming for a complete body. Not a people disconnected, divided, deceived or discontented, but a victorious, faith filled body of believers who are uncompromisingly standing strong in faith, and walking in unity and love.

As we prepare to shift into a new year, seek the Lord and pray that we have an ear to hear what the spirit of the Lord is saying to the church, and even more importantly concerning your life. There is nothing more important in this new season than being in the perfect will of God! Read Matt 22:35-40 and John 17:20-23.

Be blessed, Pastor Quinn

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