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40 days of Reflection in the Word of God

Hello friends and family,

From Aug 01, 2023 – Sep 09, 2023, the Lord has put in my heart to have a 40 days of Reflection in the Word scripture challenge. Where we will read a devotional scripture each day, meditate in it, pray and journal in that scripture and word.

The goal is to get more stronger in the Word by meditating in the Word daily to hear from the Lord, and what the Spirit of the LORD is saying to the church today!

Someone may say Pastor I am already in the Word, So am I, but lets take it to another level! Because we can never get enough of God’s Word.

The Bible says, “Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God.” Matt 4:4

The daily scripture will be taken from Pastor Quinn’s “R” Daily Devotional journal entitled 40 Days of Reflection in the Word of God. Edition 2.

Of course any devotional or daily scripture will do, but if you desire to purchase the book go to “R” Daily Devotional Journal: 40 Days of Reflection In the Word of God.

(The price will be reduced on Amazon for the month of Aug – Sep during this challenge for those that are interested.)

May God bless you all!

Pastor Quinn 😊 🙏🏾

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