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Changing Your Mind and Your Attitude

Php 4:8  Finally, brethren, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report; if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, think (or meditate)on these things.

Good day all, today I want to share with you why your attitude determines your altitude!

As it relates to your life in Christ, it is so important to be transformed by the renewing of your mind (Rom 12: 2) In order to fully embrace Kingdom of God concepts, and you must have a Kingdom mentality.

What is a Kingdom mentality? It is the mindset of the Kingdom of God. It is a changed mind, a renewed mind, and it is the mind of Christ. It is thinking on a different spiritual level.

The Bible says in 2 Cor 5:17, “Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; old things have passed away; behold, all things have become new.”

When you think about it, when you are endeavoring to do something out of the box, great or different, changing your mind, and shifting your attitude is a life principle.

There are some things that are only going to happen when you make a consciousness decision to change your mind. I mean to literally shift your attitude.

Change comes when you change, and there are times in your life where you have to shift your life, shift your attitude, and even shift the way you think. If you keep doing the same thing, you get the same results every time!

Someone once said, “The same attitude that got us in this mess, is the same attitude that will keep us in this mess!” Which means there has to be a shift and mindset change in your life.

Remember what the Lord told John in the book of Revelation chapter 4, “Come up here and I will show you things that must take place.” (Rev 4 : 1).   God wanted John to come up to another level or place. God could not show John the revelations down there, he had to come up “here” or higher where the Lord was.  Whether it was spiritual or physical you be the judge, regardless of how he had to do it, the Lord required him to go to another level, which required a shift! 

Revelation # 1. You will never understand the mysteries of the Kingdom and revelations of God down there. You must go higher in your thinking! Down there, speaks of the earthly or worldly mindset.

As a matter of fact, in order for you to succeed in life this is a life principle. Go higher! Go to another level! The scripture says in Isaiah 59: 19 When the enemy comes in like a flood, The Spirit of the LORD will lift up a standard against him.

Sometimes we ask the question, “Why have I not gone to another level financially, educationally, relationally, ministerally or personally?” Well first ask we must ask ourselves, “Have I gone to another level in my thinking?” “Have I raised my level of expectation?”

And so the million dollar question today is, ” Where is your mind? What are you meditating on? What are you thinking about? Understand that there are some things that you can change, and some things that only God can change. One thing that God has given us, is the power to change our mind and to shift our attitude! 

Col 3:1  If then you were raised with Christ, seek those things which are above, where Christ is, sitting at the right hand of God. 
Col 3:2  Set your mind on things above, not on things on the earth. 

The Apostle Paul said that if we were raised with Christ, or born again of his spirit, then we should seek those things that are above, where Christ is. Where is Christ? In heaven at the right of our Heavenly Father!

He then goes on to say something so profound! Set your mind on things above, not on things on the earth! Now understand, yes we are in this world, but your mind does not have to be like the world! I would rather have the mind of Christ, then the mind of the world!

Listen to what the Lord told Isaiah:

(Isa 55:8)  For My thoughts are not your thoughts, nor your ways My ways, says the LORD.

(Isa 55:9)  For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are My ways higher than your ways, and My thoughts than your thoughts.

Listen, it doesn’t matter how smart, educated, or intelligent you are, God’s ways are so much higher than our ways, and his thoughts higher than our thoughts! This is why we must change our minds. You cannot have a low mind state or carnal mind. You must have a spiritual mind, and a Kingdom mind which is the mind of Christ.

Php 2:5  Let this mind be in you which was also in Christ Jesus.

Paul even gave some great wisdom and teaching about the mind and how important it is to have a right state of mind:

(Rom 8:6)  For to be carnally minded is death, but to be spiritually minded is life and peace

(Rom 8:7)  because the carnal mind is enmity against God, for it is not subject to the Law of God, neither indeed can it be.

(Rom 8:8)  So then they who are in the flesh cannot please God.

Change  is inevitable, the seasons change, your age changes each year, your hair will change, your weight may change, and guess what, change is gonna come, whether you like it or not.

You cannot have a negative attitude and expect to do great things! This is the attitude that Cain had in the Bible. Cain wanted to do things his way and got in trouble with God.

Read Genesis chapter 4: 6-10

Gen 4:6  So the LORD said to Cain, “Why are you angry? And why has your countenance fallen?

Gen 4:7  If you do well, will you not be accepted? And if you do not do well, sin lies at the door. And its desire is for you, but you should rule over it.”

Gen 4:8  Now Cain talked with Abel his brother; and it came to pass, when they were in the field, that Cain rose up against Abel his brother and killed him.

Gen 4:9  Then the LORD said to Cain, “Where is Abel your brother?” He said, “I do not know. Am I my brother’s keeper?”

Gen 4:10  And He said, “What have you done? The voice of your brother’s blood cries out to Me from the ground.

The Lord gave Cain instructions that if he changed and shifted his attitude to do well, he would be accepted. He refused the wisdom of God, got angry and killed his brother!

Revelation # 2. Never refuse the wisdom and knowledge of God.

Notice that God gave him the instructions that could have changed his life. He refused and suffered the consequences. Many people today have rejected the Word of God and the wisdom of God and have reaped the consequences.

All it takes is changing your mind and shifting your attitude!

Remember your altitude is determined by your attitude,  You will never go any higher than the level of our thought process. Life expansion is achieved through mind expansion. Renew your mind and you will change your life! So what can we do?

1. Pray and ask God to help you in a particular area.

2. Agree with the Word God.

3. Change your mind.

4. Change your attitude.

5. Think on another level than where you are.

I want you to know attitude is everything! Your attitude reflects who you really are, and guess what your attitude determines your altitude or how high you will go!

Purpose in your heart that you are going to be all that God has called you to be.

Purpose in your heart to change your mind and shift your attitude in Jesus Christ! I assure you when this is done, you will fulfill your dreams, goals, aspirations and achieve all God purposed for you to achieve for his Glory, and for his Kingdom!


*** The Wisdom for Life Devotional is designed to encourage and evangelize***

Thanks and God Bless!

Pastor Jamal E. Quinn~

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